Install an HVAC and Keep Cool

The Australian summer can be super hot. If you live in Australia, you will want to make sure you can stay cool during the intense heat. I came to realise how important HVAC systems are when I moved into an apartment which didn't have HVAC. It was OK in the winter, but by the summer, it was terrible. I called in an HVAC contractor and asked them to install a new system. It was amazing what a difference it made. The contractor also gave me some advice about how to maintain the system. I hope this blog is useful to you.

The Link Between Commercial Air Conditioning and Workplace Productivity


If you run your own company or have the duties of top management in a big corporate setting, you recognise the significance of employee satisfaction and productivity. With the scorching days of summer and biting cold of winter, what does this mean for commercial enterprises? Do the weather fluctuations equate to employee discomfort and thus a plummet in their overall productivity? The installation and regular maintenance of commercial air conditioning units can go a long way. This article explains the correlation between commercial air conditioning and workplace productivity and why business owners and managers should take heed.


A workplace with a faulty unit or no commercial air conditioning during summer is likely to see its employees sleepy, lethargic and with serious laxity in concentration. This results in significant negative consequences on baseline productivity as well as decreased customer contentment. In contrast, workers operating in cooler, controlled temperatures are likely to be more productive.


An office that's too cold is not comfortable just as its hot counterpart is not either. The cold makes employees distracted and more worried about warming up by making hot coffee, rubbing their hands together or walking around. As a result, they use their computers less frequently and thus carry out fewer substantial tasks. Overall, employee output is negatively affected.

Sick building syndrome

For those companies with commercial air conditioners that aren't subject to routine maintenance, the resulting indoor air quality plays a huge role in the health of your staff as well as the overall bottom line. Sick building syndrome is a collection of nonspecific ailments ranging from recurrent headaches and flu symptoms to severe respiratory complications caused by pollutants such as mould, mildew, and dirt. As a result, employee absenteeism increases, which affects the bottom line. Apart from hurting your profits, poor working conditions can lead to severe, lasting health complications for workers that may even result in lawsuits and disability claims.

Controlled indoor air temperature is the solution

Business owners can contact professional HVAC contractors and discuss affordable commercial air conditioning units that will improve the bottom line by guaranteeing employee contentment, well-being and overall output. Additionally, a maintenance program can be agreed to as well to keep the air conditioning system running at optimal performance. With plenty of unknowns in the current business climate, why not depend on those positive adjustments brought by commercial air conditioning that you can bank on?


30 August 2017