6 types of commercial refrigeration equipment


A cold drink makes you adore a refrigerator. The significant benefit of refrigeration is storing and cooling food, thus preserving the shelf life. In case you are running or opening a beverage and food business, then a commercial refrigeration system will be a compulsory asset. Here are six types of commercial refrigeration equipment. 1. Merchandiser refrigerator This appliance is the most compelling option when you want to store a surfeit of cans or bottles in a commercial setting.

29 September 2019

4 Things You Can Do to Enhance The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner


Do you use an air conditioning system to cool your home or office during the warm months? Though this system is effective and will ensure every occupant is comfortable when indoors, the cooling expenses can sometimes make up a large percentage of your utility bills. So, what can you do to ensure you don't spend a lot on air conditioning now that you can't avoid using the unit due to the hot weather?

22 July 2019

Heating Installation—What System Should You Consider?


Perhaps you are constructing your first home and need to choose a heating system for your HVAC contractors to install while the construction is underway. On the other hand, maybe you have moved into old premises that require new heating installation since the old system is outdated. Whatever the reasons, it is best to deliberate on what options are available to you rather than going with whichever heating system you have been accustomed to in the past.

18 April 2019

Why Size Does Matter For Your Residential Air Conditioning System


Investing in the right system for your residential air conditioning will help you achieve climate control for your spaces and make your home more comfortable. Split-system air conditioning and central air conditioners are both excellent choices for residential air conditioning. For both options, proper system sizing is very critical. Getting It Right While central units are sized for servicing your entire home, split-system air conditioning systems are sized for the particular room or zone they serve.

29 January 2019

Is Your Air Conditioning System Triggering Your Asthma?


If your asthma has suddenly started flaring up when you're in the house, then you'll have tried to work out what is triggering it. If you haven't changed anything obvious at home, then you may not know what's going on. If you run an air conditioning unit, then it's worth checking if this is the cause of the problem. Even if your unit has never given you any asthma problems before, systems can affect asthma sufferers.

15 November 2018

3 Effective Care Tips for Your Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioner


If you want to efficiently keep your home interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter with the same HVAC equipment, look no further than a reverse-cycle air conditioning unit. This type of air conditioning equipment supplies cool air on hot days and warm air on cold days to ensure year-round comfort to homeowners and their families.  While reverse-cycle air conditioners are designed to provide reliable and efficient temperature control service throughout the year, they require proper upkeep to remain in good working condition all the time.

9 October 2018

Three Practical Guidelines for Solving Commercial HVAC Pump Problems


Commercial HVAC pumps are critical for the efficient cooling and heating of interior spaces. These components are responsible for forcing the flow of fluids such as the coolant through the system. If the pumping mechanism in your HVAC fails or malfunctions, you will have to deal with indoor climate control problems. If the issues are not resolved, the productivity in your business could decline. Here are practical guidelines for solving common HVAC pump problems.

1 May 2018

Signs and Symptoms That Your Cooling System Needs Attention


A home air conditioner or HVAC system in a commercial facility doesn't need to fail to work altogether for it to need repairs and maintenance. Very often there are many signs and symptoms that this unit is beginning to fail and that it needs some attention from a repair person. Note a few of those signs and what they could mean by way of needed repairs so you know your cooling system is always working as it should and so you know you're not wasting power on a unit that is struggling to function.

12 March 2018

Split Systems: Why They Have the Edge Over Conventional AC Units.


From scorching temperatures to downright freezing conditions, you are bound to experience it all with the Australian climate. HVAC contractors, however, exist to help you survive these extreme weather conditions. Innovations in air conditioning systems have led to the rise of split AC systems. These units have made air conditioning easier and less costly. What Makes Split Systems Popular? Split ACs were built to address the many shortfalls ducted air conditioning systems come with.

22 January 2018

Four Facts You Need to Know About the Capacitor in Your Air Conditioner


Most air conditioners have a capacitor. This is a small electrical part that helps to start the motor of the air conditioner, and it also stores some energy. While it's rare for this part to break down, it is possible. Here's what you need to know. 1. A Capacitor Jump Starts the Fan Motor In an air conditioner, the capacitor starts the fan's motor. Basically, it takes its stored energy and gives the fan a burst of energy.

11 December 2017