Install an HVAC and Keep Cool

The Australian summer can be super hot. If you live in Australia, you will want to make sure you can stay cool during the intense heat. I came to realise how important HVAC systems are when I moved into an apartment which didn't have HVAC. It was OK in the winter, but by the summer, it was terrible. I called in an HVAC contractor and asked them to install a new system. It was amazing what a difference it made. The contractor also gave me some advice about how to maintain the system. I hope this blog is useful to you.

Signs and Symptoms That Your Cooling System Needs Attention


A home air conditioner or HVAC system in a commercial facility doesn't need to fail to work altogether for it to need repairs and maintenance. Very often there are many signs and symptoms that this unit is beginning to fail and that it needs some attention from a repair person. Note a few of those signs and what they could mean by way of needed repairs so you know your cooling system is always working as it should and so you know you're not wasting power on a unit that is struggling to function.

Musty, mouldy smell

A musty or mouldy smell coming from the air conditioner can be caused by a number of issues, including lack of proper drainage. A cooling system will usually create condensation that needs to drain away from the compressor so that this moisture doesn't cling to the mechanics inside the unit. Check to see if there is a drip pan or small hose coming from the unit, and if it's free of dust and debris. Sometimes cleaning these pieces can allow the air conditioner to drain and dry out as it should, but if you still smell mould or mildew inside the unit, the mechanics of the system should be cleaned and repaired by a professional.

Uneven cooling

An air conditioner or HVAC system should cool all areas of a home or building evenly, unless you've opted for a zone cooling model and have set different temperatures for different rooms. If not, lack of cooling in one space can mean that the fan of the cooling unit is breaking down and isn't pushing cold air through the vents as it should. In turn, rooms that are far away from the fan itself might seem warm and stuffy, while the rest of your home or building is comfortable. In this case, have a contractor check the fan before it breaks down completely.


If you notice a banging sound when you turn on the air conditioner, this can mean that air ducts are coming loose from their connectors. However, if you hear a squealing, whining, or other high-pitched sound from the unit itself, the bearings that allow the unit to operate are probably in need of replacement. Any type of clunking or grinding sound can mean that a part has come loose inside the unit and needs tightening or replacement. If you hear these sounds and there is no cool air being pushed through the vents, this may mean that the fan has failed and needs replacing.


12 March 2018