Install an HVAC and Keep Cool

The Australian summer can be super hot. If you live in Australia, you will want to make sure you can stay cool during the intense heat. I came to realise how important HVAC systems are when I moved into an apartment which didn't have HVAC. It was OK in the winter, but by the summer, it was terrible. I called in an HVAC contractor and asked them to install a new system. It was amazing what a difference it made. The contractor also gave me some advice about how to maintain the system. I hope this blog is useful to you.

4 Things You Can Do to Enhance The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner


Do you use an air conditioning system to cool your home or office during the warm months? Though this system is effective and will ensure every occupant is comfortable when indoors, the cooling expenses can sometimes make up a large percentage of your utility bills. So, what can you do to ensure you don't spend a lot on air conditioning now that you can't avoid using the unit due to the hot weather? This post will share a list of easy, inexpensive ways to boost the efficiency of your AC and control the utility bills.

Replace unclean filters 

One of the main culprits of air conditioner inefficiency is dirty filters, and that's the reason AC service technicians always check the filters first whenever you inform them that the energy expenses are increasing. A dirty filter reduces air flow, minimising the quantity of cool air that's delivered to your building. Sometimes the reduced airflow freezes the unit's coil, and this can damage your compressor, making it impossible to cool the rooms. To avoid a series of issues that lead to costly repairs, consider changing the filter regularly.

Seal all air leaks

Cooling a leaky building is difficult and will definitely cost you more due to the wasted energy. Perhaps you live in an old house that isn't air sealed, or your ductwork is old and leaky. It is your responsibility to ensure an expert seals your ducts, so you don't lose any of the cooled air. Sealing ducts also reduces air flow that can freeze the AC coil, hence minimising air flow or possibly damaging your compressor. Also, be sure to seal any air leaks you find at the attic because it will allow hot air to enter the house, making it very difficult to cool the rooms.

Close blinds/curtains during the day

Whenever the sun rays hit the windows, heat is easily transferred into the house. Drawing the curtains or keeping the blinds closed during the day will ensure the heat does not warm your home. This means your AC will not work harder to keep the rooms fresh.

Don't keep heat producing appliances near the thermostat

The air conditioner's thermostat is designed to inform the system that cool air is required at a certain place. Placing heat-producing appliances next to the thermostat is not ideal because it will convey the wrong message and cause the system to run longer unnecessarily.


22 July 2019