Install an HVAC and Keep Cool

The Australian summer can be super hot. If you live in Australia, you will want to make sure you can stay cool during the intense heat. I came to realise how important HVAC systems are when I moved into an apartment which didn't have HVAC. It was OK in the winter, but by the summer, it was terrible. I called in an HVAC contractor and asked them to install a new system. It was amazing what a difference it made. The contractor also gave me some advice about how to maintain the system. I hope this blog is useful to you.

6 types of commercial refrigeration equipment


A cold drink makes you adore a refrigerator. The significant benefit of refrigeration is storing and cooling food, thus preserving the shelf life. In case you are running or opening a beverage and food business, then a commercial refrigeration system will be a compulsory asset. Here are six types of commercial refrigeration equipment.

1. Merchandiser refrigerator

This appliance is the most compelling option when you want to store a surfeit of cans or bottles in a commercial setting. The merchandiser refrigerators are available in various sizes and shapes with unique capacities and features. Merchandiser refrigerators usually have ventilation front, which makes them perfect for displaying beverages. Additionally, they offer impeccable refrigeration service for perishable items and products that are about to expire.

2. Reach-in refrigerator

The reach-in refrigerator sports a multitude of sections for optimum storage. You can determine its storage capacity by the equipment's cubic feet. It is an excellent option for commercial settings because they provide easy access to your food items. You could also opt for a pass-through or dual temperature reach-in refrigerator. The latter has disparate temperature settings, which you could adjust to your requirements.

3. Walk-in refrigerator

This appliance is perfect for storing bulk beverages or boxed items. If you have a lot of space in your business, then you should opt for the walk-in refrigeration equipment. It would be wise to add shelving to your machine for organisation and maximum storage.

4. Serve-over-counter refrigerator

If you are planning on opening a cafe, grocery store or meat outlet, then the serve-over-counter is an excellent choice. It offers a great display of food to customers. Moreover, it can store various beverages and food in chilled conditions for a long time. These refrigerators are available in multiple designs, which makes them unique catering units for several takeaway venues.

5. Worktops

 A worktop is suitable for utility in food trucks, restaurants or any other food business. Its top surface is a food preparation platform. This unit also keeps your items cold and preserves their shelf life.

6. Under-counter refrigerator

 As the name suggests, you will find this unit under business counters. Despite its small size, it gives an impressive commercial refrigeration service. You could also use its top part as a food preparation surface.

The above information will be helpful if you intend to make a purchase. However, these are not the only refrigerators on the market. You can find various other commercial refrigeration equipment that suits your needs.


29 September 2019