Signs and Symptoms That Your Cooling System Needs Attention


A home air conditioner or HVAC system in a commercial facility doesn't need to fail to work altogether for it to need repairs and maintenance. Very often there are many signs and symptoms that this unit is beginning to fail and that it needs some attention from a repair person. Note a few of those signs and what they could mean by way of needed repairs so you know your cooling system is always working as it should and so you know you're not wasting power on a unit that is struggling to function.

12 March 2018

Split Systems: Why They Have the Edge Over Conventional AC Units.


From scorching temperatures to downright freezing conditions, you are bound to experience it all with the Australian climate. HVAC contractors, however, exist to help you survive these extreme weather conditions. Innovations in air conditioning systems have led to the rise of split AC systems. These units have made air conditioning easier and less costly. What Makes Split Systems Popular? Split ACs were built to address the many shortfalls ducted air conditioning systems come with.

22 January 2018

Four Facts You Need to Know About the Capacitor in Your Air Conditioner


Most air conditioners have a capacitor. This is a small electrical part that helps to start the motor of the air conditioner, and it also stores some energy. While it's rare for this part to break down, it is possible. Here's what you need to know. 1. A Capacitor Jump Starts the Fan Motor In an air conditioner, the capacitor starts the fan's motor. Basically, it takes its stored energy and gives the fan a burst of energy.

11 December 2017

5 Reasons to Install a New Air Conditioner


Air conditioning units are an important appliance for many homes and businesses. They provide cool air and a comfortable environment during those hot summer days. In business premises, they also contribute towards a more productive office space. At some point in time, you are likely to need air conditioning installation. A new air conditioner may be required to replace an older model that is damaged, doesn't function efficiently or is outdated.

26 October 2017

Three Actionable Steps to Reducing the Moisture in Your Home


Moisture in the air is critical for improving indoor air quality. However, there needs to be a proper balance of moisture to avoid problems in the air. Very little moisture can cause the air to feel dry, and this may trigger respiratory problems. On the other hand, too much moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew which are harmful when inhaled. There is a need to maintain proper moisture balance to create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

13 September 2017

Busting Myths Surrounding Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning


When looking for air conditioning units, you will find a myriad of choices available to you. Although cost tends to be a primary deciding factor, some homeowners may avoid ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units as they have fed into the myths surrounding these systems, particularly if they are comparing them to ducted alternatives. In truth, ducted systems can be just as efficient, if not even more beneficial, than their ductless counterparts can.

6 September 2017

What You Should Do If Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking


Among the various problems an air conditioning unit encounters, few are as annoying and stressful as a leaking air conditioner. The likelihood is that your house is now boiling hot and you are also grappling with possible water damage. When faced with a leaky air conditioner, contact professional air conditioner services immediately. The leaking water is not part of the air conditioner system but a spin-off of the cooling process that happens inside the air conditioner.

5 September 2017