3 Benefits of Getting Your Ducted Air Conditioning System Cleaned


The air conditioning system in your home forms the front line of defence against the intense of an Australian summer. To prevent your air con system from failing it is vital that you keep it in good condition. As well as maintaining the mechanical parts of the system it is also important that your ducted air conditioning system is properly cleaned. Below is a guide to benefits of having your ducted air conditioning system professionally cleaned.

9 August 2017

Air Conditioning Repairs You Should Never Make Yourself


As a homeowner, you can typically perform some general maintenance of your air conditioner on your own; this might include opening up the screen on the top and cleaning the fan blades and inside of the grill, cleaning outside the grill, and other such minor tasks. However, there are some repairs to an air conditioner that are always best left to a professional, no matter how "handy" you think you are with appliances, and no matter the number of instructional videos you might watch online!

4 August 2017

Want to Know How an Air Conditioner Works?


Many people have air conditioning systems installed in their homes with their sole purpose being to cool summer temperatures. On hot days, they switch on the A/C for cool air to circulate inside the home while replacing the hot air. But have you ever wondered about how the hot/cool air exchange takes place in your air conditioner? Keep reading on if you want to learn about the various critical components of an air conditioner, and how each component works to ensure you get cooling service in your home.

2 August 2017